Rates Etc.

How can I best benefit from counselling?

As a client, there are certain steps you can take to help make the counselling process work best for you. I recommend the following:

  • Attend scheduled sessions and arrive on time
  • Be specific about the concerns that have brought you to counselling
  • Work to establish goals
  • Give thought to what you would like to discuss during each session
  • Be willing to explore new behaviours within and outside of your sessions
  • Complete assigned homework tasks/readings
  • Discuss ongoing progress and work to modify your goals if needed.


A therapy session is typically 60 minutes long, once a week or every two weeks, and then at decreasing intervals as you near your therapy goals.

You can cancel your session provided you’ve given a minimum 24-hour notice.

The fee  for a 60 minute session is $100  payable at the end of each session by Cash, Cheque, Visa or MasterCard. I’m not set up for Debit Cards at this time.

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